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MAG425A IPTV Set-Top Box / 4K UHD 60FPS / Android TV / 2 GB RAM / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 4.2 / Voice-controlled remote / Chromecast built-in

The MAG series’ flagship set-top box, the MAG425A for Android TV TM 8.0 supports Google services and thousands of different applications. Managing apps and finding good content from your paid TV subscription has never been easier as the MAG425A’s Voice search capability opens up an array of possibilities.

Immerse yourself in movies and TV series like never before with this device’s 4K 60fps capability and it’s HDR dynamic range! Its completely new way of rendering images provides natural colour rendering in both light and dark areas of the image.

Your media player of the Future

The MAG425A is Infomir's flagship Android TV device. It supports 4K HDR 60 fps and comes with a voice-controlled remote. This is a perfect choice for entertainment and viewing content in HD, Full HD, and 4K.

*** SwitchOnShop does not sell set-top boxes with pre-installed applications for any IPTV / OTT services. Only devices with factory firmware are available for purchase. Linux set-top boxes come with standard Infomir apps as well as Google apps for Android TV devices.

To access video service applications, contact your IPTV operator.

New features available with an Android 4K box

With more at your disposal than any Smart TV on the market, Android TV has thousands of applications and games for you to enjoy. Thanks to Embedded Google services you can get the most out of your Paid TV subscriptions and enjoy personalized.

The very best of 4K

Experience the best quality picture as you watch content as if you were seeing it live. The set top box MAG 425A features the very best 4K 60fps quality and high dynamic range (HDR), making it a defining media player for the coming decade.

High dynamic range (HDR)

In order to obtain a high-quality picture that truly immerses viewers, providing an experience that puts the viewer right in the action, this device renders the picture in an entirely new way, resulting in natural color rendering in both light and dark areas of the picture. Displaying both the highlights and shadows in high contrast.

Voice-controlled remote

The MAG425A TV box, thanks to Google Assistant, supports voice commands for a variety of features including playback adjustment, weather forecasts, a search feature to find movies and TV shows by name, rating, genre, cast or popularity, and many more features.

Chromecast built-in

Easily cast music, videos, movies, and even games to your TV from your mobile device. Simply connect your mobile device and the MAG425A box to the same Wi-Fi network and you’re set!

All the essential apps right out of the box

The MAG425A: your complete entertainment system:

Watch your favorite movies and channels.

Cast content from your mobile device straight to the TV.

Play games and enjoy access to over 5000 apps from the Google Play Store.

Frequently asked questions:

How can you tell the quality of a set-top box?

All Android TV devices pass mandatory testing and are certified by Google, which assesses the solution's software and hardware components. If the device meets Google's stringent standards, the manufacturer is added by Google to the list of Android TV Partners, and its logo is featured on Android TV's official website.

Before buying a set-top box, make sure to check if its manufacturer is listed among the Android TV partners and the model among Google-certified devices.

Do I need a Google account?

You can use an Android TV device without a Google account. However, you will need to create one if you want personalized recommendations: the OS will analyze your interests and suggest videos that may interest you.

Why update the firmware?

Infomir updates its products on a regular basis. By frequently testing equipment and gathering user feedback, the company can detect and troubleshoot potential bugs in its firmware. After each firmware update, the set-top box runs more smoothly.

The updates are delivered automatically, but you can check for them manually, too. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Select ‘System Update’.
  3. Click ‘OK’ if you see a notification that says the device has the latest software version.
  4. Click ‘Update’ if a new software version is available.

What are the MAG425A specs like? Are they high enough to play all of my videos?

The MAG425A boasts a powerful quad-core
ARM Cortex-A53 processor with a frequency of 1200 MHz, a Hi3798MV200 chipset, 2 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded with MicroSD (up to 128 GB) or external HDD, SSD, flash drive or local storage. To see all the specifications, click on the “Additional Info” button.

What is the MAG425A’s first-launch setup like?

If the MAG425A is your first set-top box, you might want to check out our detailed guide to learn how to launch and set it up.

What do you need to know to connect to IPTV?

Choose operators that broadcast only legal content. Such operators develop their apps and make them available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, by installing an app through the Google Play Store, you are guaranteed to get high-quality content.

What are the languages supported by voice input?

The Google Assistant available on certified Android TV devices supports voice input in 12 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian, and Hindi.

The MAG425A remote's power-saving mode

Infomir added a power-saving mode to make sure that the batteries in your remote last as long as possible. The remote goes to standby mode if you don't use it for some time while watching TV. You can wake it up by pressing any button. After that, it will work as usual.

Is Android TV better than AOSP?

Android TV developers have made the OS as user-friendly as it can be. Therefore, Android TV has some advantages over its predecessor AOSP.

  • Android TV devices get access to Google services, e.g., Google Assistant and YouTube, as well as Google Play Store's catalog of about 5,000 apps.
  • Reliability and quality: Google specialists test all Android TV devices. If the set-top box passes all tests, it is added to the list of officially certified models.
  • Android TV devices get feature and security updates from the manufacturer for 3–4 years.
  • The apps in the Google Play Store catalog are optimized for large screens.

Google allows the installation of Android TV only on high-quality devices, thoroughly testing every model. Operators have no means of changing the OS functionality—it is a proprietary system, and they have no access to its source code.

AOSP is an open-source OS: providers are free to extend its functionality without negotiating it with Google. Experts forecast that Android TV devices will dominate the global market in a few years.

Do I need to connect to an IPTV/OTT provider?

Having an IPTV/OTT operator is not required to use Android TV. You will still be able to use YouTube, streaming apps, subscription services, and games. IPTV/OTT services can be additionally ordered whenever you need them.

If I buy the MAG425A, what do I get for my money?

The MAG425A is very economical. With an Android set-top box like this, you don’t have to buy a Smart TV to get access to applications and 3D games on your TV, you can turn any TV with an HDMI input into a ‘smart’ TV.

Smart TVs often carry a hefty price tag simply because they carry the label “smart”. By using an Android TV device such as this along with your non-smart (or dumb) TV, you could enjoy a top quality entertainment system at a greatly reduced cost.

Since most 4K set-top boxes cost in the area of $100, and a high-end Smart TV would be several times more than that, you would get the most bang for your buck by getting an Android set-top box. Thanks to features such as 4K 60fps, HDR, and a built-in HEVC codec, the IPTV box MAG425A is truly a top Android TV device. Enjoy the very best viewing experience.

Is there a full MAG425A review?

Certainly! We recently published a complete MAG425A review that you can read. In summary, the MAG425A was deemed an excellent choice for 4K streaming and undemanding 3D games. One of the device’s biggest advantages is its Ethernet port for a wired Internet connection, something which is greatly appreciated in apartment buildings, where lots of different Wi-Fi networks interfere with each other. The MAG425A Android box is a universal set-top box that is suitable for both casual and advanced users.

How is the remote's firmware updated?

The MAG425A’s firmware is updated automatically. The set-top box checks for updates once powered on and repeats the check every 12 hours. If an update is detected, the user gets a notification about it.

You can check for updates manually, too: just push any button on the remote repeatedly while the set-top box boots up. It will activate the update service.

Technical specifications
Device performance: 15 000 DMIPS
Processor: ARM Cortex A53 Quad Core CPU 1200 MHz
Storage: 8 GB eMMC
Weight: 180 g
Operating system: Android TV 8.0
Dimensions: 115x115x28 mm
External interfaces
HDMI 2.0a: +
Ethernet 100 MBPS: +
USB 2.0х1: +
USB 3.0x1: +
Micro SD: +
Built-in Wi-Fi ac 2x2: +
Audio & video
Subtitles: DVB, PGS, SRT, SSA/ASS, SUB, Teletext subs, WebVtt, Closed caption
Video modes: PAL, NTSC, 576p, 720p, 1080p, 1080i, 2160p
Audio formats: MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC
Video сodecs: H.265 (HEVC), H.264 (AVC, MVC), MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4
Standard set
Standard set: MAG425А Set-Top Box, User Manual, HDMI cable, Power adapter 12V 1A, Remote control, 2 AAA batteries, Packaging
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Overall Rating 5 26 Review(s) 26 Review(s)

Very cool! Enter the name of any movie, program or cartoon and look at your health!


I bought this console, completely satisfied with its work. Many thanks to the developer!


Recently I ordered a TV set-top box very cool and fast delivery, thank you very much I did not expect the package to arrive so quickly


I bought this console and was satisfied, it works perfectly .I will advise my friends !!!

Thanks for your choice!


I want to buy this again!!!! Because it is a perfect STB for myself!


I bought this console and was satisfied, it works perfectly .I will advise my friends !!!


I really liked the box, many functions such as YouTube and other programs, the quality of the review is very good. In general, the product is very good for its price it is supe


This device greatly expands the capabilities of a standard TV and allows you to access the Internet. Intuitive interface.


I bought a set-top box and did not regret it. The quality is good and the price is acceptable I advise everyone


Oh, this is really a great prefix! Children are happy, the husband is delighted. But there is one question, will there be any updates or will the production end there?


Hi, I bought a MAG Box receiver on this site. After the purchase, I was satisfied, everything is very fast and clear. I recommend this site.


Very cool console, I advise everyone. Price quality is on top!


Ordered the console, really like it, good to use. Advise!


I recommend buy I liked the site checked by me I'm happy


hello bought a week nazat MAG Box receiver on this site. After the purchase I was satisfied, everything is very fast and clear. I advise everyone to buy a tv box set-top box on this site. Everything is Super !!!


hello bought a week nazat MAG BOX receiver on this SwitchOnShop website. After the purchase, I remained polite, everything is very fast and clear. I advise everyone to buy a tv box set-top box on this site. Everything is Super !!!


Sehr praktische und kompakte Set-Top-Box für den Fernseher. Ich habe es auf Anraten meines Freundes gekauft, also möchte ich sagen, dass es gut funktioniert. Ich rate Freunden !!!


Ich habe den Artikel vor einer Woche auf Ihrer Website gekauft. Insgesamt bin ich enttäuscht. Es gibt große Lücken beim Steckplatz für die SD-Karte. Die Karte ragt um die Hälfte ihrer Länge aus der Box heraus.
Ich konnte mich mit dem Sprachassistenten nicht einigen, da er scheinbar einen seltsamen Algorithmus für Spracherkennung verwendet.
Es gibt viele Probleme mit der Fernbedienung. Sie funktioniert nur im Abstand von 2-3 Metern und weiter entfernt ist sie völlig nutzlos.
In der Anleitung steht, dass die Set-Top-Box in horizontaler Position verwendet werden soll. Wenn ich sie jedoch vertikal drehe, funktioniert die Fernbedienung auf 5-7 Meter und sogar noch weiter. Wenn ich die Box also nach den Anweisungen platziere, funktioniert sie schlechter.
Kurz gesagt, es handelt sich um eine ordentliche Set-Top-Box, aber mit Fehlern bei bestimmten Komponenten.


Media console bought immediately with a new TV and was pleasantly surprised how high quality console transmits image and sound. Without this prefix, there are no such effects. The prefix is not expensive and high quality. I was satisfied with the purchase.


Generally, I'm pleased with this set-top box. While watching Ministra TV portals, the audio often mutes and a couple of times the screen went black, frozen. The remote control broke after a week but the store has replaced it.


Very convenient for home use. I especially liked the high speed of finding the right channels by voice. The image is also of high quality, the picture is perfect, without interference. The remote is really a bit complicated, but it's not scary.


Das Präfix ist sehr funktional. Für mich ist es wichtig, dass die Installation und Verwendung einfach ist. Ich könnte meiner Mutter leicht erklären, wie man es benutzt. Das Bild ist von hoher Qualität, es treten keine Standbilder auf. Ich denke, dies ist eine der besten Optionen auf dem Markt für diesen Preis.


Je suis très satisfait du décodeur


Convenient smart box, I've been using it for about a week now. Of the minuses - it sometimes freezes when you triyng to connect to TV, but this is not a problem for me.
I did not find the best analogue for this money.


Not bad smart box, very quickly. Does what you expect and more!


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