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Remote Control Omni Opal

The Omni Opal remote is a simple and convenient device for controlling set-top boxes. The remote supports voice search and is perfectly compatible with the MAG425A set-top box. Its voice control feature simplifies and speeds up text input greatly: with it you don’t have to waste time with moving the cursor over each key on the on-screen keyboard with the Right/Left and Up/Down buttons.

To use voice search, press the dedicated button on the remote that activates the microphone. The system will start searching for the requested information in all applications.

Frequently asked questions:


What type of batteries do you need for the remote?

The Omni Opal remote runs on two ААА batteries. To ensure the correct and long-running operation of the remote, please follow these instructions:

  • Do not use different types of batteries or old and new batteries together.
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries and do not try to recharge the used batteries.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote if you do not use it for several weeks: it will prevent battery leakage.
  • Remove leaking batteries immediately. Avoid direct contact with a leaking battery: it may cause injury skin or eyes.

How do you pair the remote with a set-top box?

If you use a new media player or reset your player to factory settings, follow these steps:

If you want to pair the remote with the preset set-top box, follow these steps:

1. Start the set-top box. Wait until the remote pairing screen is downloaded.

2. Insert batteries into the remote.

3. Press and hold the OK and Home buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. Once that is done, the LED indicator should light up.

4. Wait for the automatic pairing procedure to be f inished. If the pairing of the devices is successful, the LED indicator will flash. After that, the remote is ready for operation. 

1. With your remote, go to Settings—Infomir Opal—Unpair.

2. Turn off the set-top box.

3. Remove the batteries from the remote.

4. Turn on the set-top box.

5. Insert batteries into the remote.

6. Press and hold both the Epg and Apps buttons for 2 seconds. Wait until the indicator starts flashing, then immediately press OK.

7. When the indicator goes off, press any button on the remote. After that, the LED indicator should light up.

8. Press the ON/Standby button on the set-top box and hold it down for 2 seconds until the remote pairing screen appears.

9. Wait until the automatic pairing procedure starts: if pairing is successful, the LED indicator will flash. After that, the remote is ready for operation.


How is the remote’s firmware updated?

The MAG425A receives automatic firmware updates. The system checks for updates every 12 hours. If you want to check for updates manually, just push any button on the remote repeatedly while the set-top box boots up. After that, the update service will be activated. 

What is the power-saving mode?

To ensure the batteries have a longer service life, the remote automatically switches to power-saving mode. If you don’t use your remote for a long time while watching TV, it goes into sleep mode. Then, if you press a button, the remote will leave sleep mode. If you press a button for the second time, the device will respond to the command.

Length/Width/Height, (mm):148 × 42,3 × 17,3 Weight, g:39.5
Body material:ABS plastic
Protocol:BLE 4.2 Operation Voltage (DC):2.2 V ~ 3.2 V
Transmission Medium:2.4 GHz (BLE) Carrier Frequency (RF):2.4 GHz ~ 2.48 GHz
Standby current:15 uA max
Operation current:10 mA @ 7 dBm (RF Mode) max 30 mA (voice Mode) max
Distance and angle:Over 6 meters for voice, otherwise 10 meters (line of sight, in an open area without interference)
Button Operating force:2.0 ± 0.5N for normal buttons, 2.2 ± 0.5N for toggle buttons, 3.5 ± 0.5N for Cursor buttons Button Operating life:300,000 presses, maximum 5N
Drop Test Height:1 m
Number of buttons:15 buttons Battery type:2 × AAA (not included)
Visual LEDs:1 × Red LED Indicator Input Devices:Microphone
Output Devices:BLE
Operation temperature:0°C ~ 50°C Storage temperature:-25°C ~ 70°C
Humidity:5% to 85%
Approbation tested (EMC & FCC):CE, TR RTTE, and BT Qualification Test Compliance:WEEE, RoHS, REACH
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